Our Processes

Please use the tabs below to view our Landlord Process and our Renting Process.

1) Why use Capital?

Because for us it is personal 

At Capital we don’t distinguish between what is Business and what is Personal. Every interaction is personal, we are different because we truly care.

Everything we do will give you an altogether better experience of letting your property.

I have 20+ years of letting my own properties, which means I won’t put someone in your property that I wouldn’t put in my own.


2) People make up their minds in the first few seconds,

Showing your property at it’s best is our priority we will help and advice you on how to showcase your property so that it stands out and that you get the highest quality of tenant.

If you need help showcasing your property then we can help, advice and facilitate.


3) We find you the best Tenant

At Capital we specialise in creating a buzz and get the excitement that your property deserves.

This happens because we know how to market properties, reaching the right audience is important and we use multiple tactics and platforms to create the buzz.


4) Contacts 

We have many clients from Blue Chip organisations that we work with as well as film companies, Theatres and key local businesses often they look for 3/6 months at a time, this gives you that corporate security around rents, yields and quality tenants.

We also have a list of preferred service providers and contractors that we vet to ensure they are of the highest standard.


5) Tennant Choice & Legislation

We take time and spend considerable effort to find the right tenant, our referencing process is extensive and robust, if you manage your own tenant then we will share legislation updates.

Read more about legislation here.


6) Tenancy advice and Legislation

Once your happy with the offer we agree terms and contracts for both parties.

Arranging keys as well as emergency contact numbers, if we are managing then we do a full hand over and walk through of the property, we go through expectations so that when the property is returned it is as it was let.

If you decide to manage it yourself then don’t worry we are still on hand to offer support and advice.


7) Fees 

All fees are transparent, competitive and legitimate.

We make sure that we represent both parties fairly and with honesty and integrity.


8) Completion guarantee with 360 feedback

We work hard to get properties ready for our tenants, we provide them with all the help and advice that they need.  We would not allow any tenant to occupy anything we would be happy to say in ourselves and will push back if we aren’t happy.

Finally we do a complete review to ensure that we have covered everything possible and that we have left both parties completely satisfied. We take feedback seriously and act on anything that can help us improve on what we offer.


9) Payment 

Take the stress out of letting your property, we charge a flat 11% plus VAT to fully manage your property. Alternatively we can find you a tenant and it’s a flat fee of 75% plus VAT of the first months rent.


10) Pledge

Our pledge is that we will treat you, your property and the tenant with respect, consideration and professionalism at all times and that we will do our utmost to deliver exceptional service.

1) We will sit down with you and review your objectives; it is important that we understand your requirements.  Understanding what you want from a home as well as what your budget is will be our starting point.


2) If you’re relocating for work, we can help with the most complicated of processes or the simplest.  The important thing to remember when you relocate is that you only spend a proportion of your time in work, so it is important we understand what you want to do when you finish work and what you like to do in your spare time.


3) What is included?

Make sure you commit to a rent that you can afford, remember Council Tax, Utilities, Internet isn’t included.


4) What checks do I need to pass?

You will need to provide two references one from an employer and one from a previous landlord, there is also a credit check.  If for any reason something fall short you may be able to pay rent in advance, or provide a UK guarantor.


5) Does the letting agent work for me?

No, the letting agent works for the landlord, but should have the interest of both parties in mind at all time. The tenant should always be treated fairly, honestly and with integrity at all times.


6) Is the Tenancy Agreement with the Landlord or the Letting Agent?

Always with the landlord, a letting agent might be managing the property and therefore will be your first point of contact, but the landlord remains the legal contracting party.  An agent that moves you in might not be managing the property moving forward so make sure you find out who your point of contact is.


7) What is A holding fee versus A security deposit?

The holding fee secures the property for one week whilst the searches take place and references are checked. The holding fee will come off the first month’s rent, if the searches fail the holding fee will be refunded.  The security deposit will be held until you vacate the property, and any damages, repairs or unpaid rent will be deducted.  Landlords are legally obliged to keep your security deposit safe in what is called the Deposit Protection Scheme.


8) What if I have a Pet or want to get a Pet?

You must disclose to the landlord if you have a Pet and written permission must be given, similarly if you decide that you want a Pet.


9) What if there is accidental damage?

If there is any damage then you must make the landlord aware immediately so that repairs can be sought, it is much better to be transparent and notify in a timely manner.


10) What if I decide to leave early?

You cannot vacate the property until your contracted period ends.

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